You Can Use The Brain Health Assessment Below for Vitamin Guidance

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The assessment in the link below is from a clinic that has done the most brain scans of any clinic in history. If you do the assessment, you will get a guide by email that gives recommendations for diet, exercise, and vitamins.

The doctors that developed the questionnaire developed it with thousands and thousands of brain scans at The Amen Clinics in the US. This site does not get any income from sharing this, it is just helpful and is highly accurate.

The questionnaire and online guidance helps solve the problem of the shortage of doctors who understand mental health, the brain, and nutrition and medication for mental health. The vitamins are not affordable for everyone. But, you can learn the ingredients in the vitamins and match them with foods using Google. The clinic director that led making the questionnaire also has two books we recommend, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Memory Rescue.

Whether you do or don’t take supplements, I recommend people talk with their doctor about taking prebiotics and probiotics, a good multivitamin with B vitamins that are “methylated”, and enough D3 (helps prevent Dementia and mood), K2 (helps circulation and other things), and Lion’s mane mushroom (unless you are allergic). Lion’s Mane helps memory, fights cancer, regulates weight, removes blood clots, and is proven to prevent dementia. It also lowers anxiety and depression while keeping the hippocampus safe.

Here is the brain health survey and guidance from The Amen Clinics: www.brainhealthassessment.com.

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