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The sounds on this site help you remember and increase brain electrical rhythms for focus, memory, and relaxation. It has been proven that listening to certain sound rhythms increases brain rhythms that happen with different levels of focus, or relaxation.

  • You can listen to them on headphones, and on speakers.
  • If you listen on speakers, please don’t play it where others can hear you.
  • You can listen while you read, work at a desk, or relax.
  • Please listen in a safe, and comfortable place.
  • Please don’t listen to them while walking, driving, or operating machinery, and listen while sober.

Listening at least twice a week is recommended, and up to once a day. Each page will have instructions on it. After 30 sessions, take a break for 5 days, and see how you feel.

Your Memory Scores and Progress:

  • You can record your score on the Free Memory Test page and compare it to new scores as you progress.
  • Try listening to the focus sound or the memory enhancing sound for 20 minutes while taking the test.
  • The people that have a membership can share this site with family, friends, co-workers, and clients. They can use the free memory test that gives a raw score and compares them to all test takers of ages 6 and up. The people that have memberships can get personal brain testing and results based on their age for memory, focus, attention, and creative problem solving. They also get reports that show them which brain functions and brain regions are involved in each test. They will see their score changes and graphed over time. If you are interested in this service, please sign up.

Each sound will have instructions for how to use it, and recommendations on it’s page. For instance, the focus sound works to stimulate focus. So, we ask people to listen in the morning.

When you are ready, please find the sound that will help you the most in the menu. If you want to read research, you can in The Science Research page, or you can read the main points on the front page at www.soundtherapy.com.

Our website is designed with the same materials that have been taught to clinicians from The University of Minnesota Medical Center, Hazelden, Passages – Malibu, and The State of Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services.

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