Available Counselors

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You can connect with an online counseling partner through one of the largest and most diverse online counseling services in the world by signing up below. You will have a free, 1 year membership with us if you sign up with the link below. They would connect you with a licensed therapist that is suggested for you based on your needs and answers to questions in their signup process. They have therapists available, and clients are currently being connected with a therapist within 48 hours.

You can use SoundTherapy.com while working with a counselor. The counselors are not necessarily trained in sound therapy, but are trained in other specialties and approaches. You can continue to use the guidance system on SoundTherapy.com.

If you would like to do online counseling and have a free membership at SoundTherapy.com, you would need to sign up through the link below with BetterHelp.com. The cost is currently $80/week, and it is billed for one month at a time with a payment of $320/month.

Things to know to start with online counseling and a free, 1 year membership:

  • After you click the link below, you would go to their site and follow the BetterHelp.com signup process. They will ask you questions that will help them suggest a therapist from thousands of licensed and specialized therapists. The therapists aren’t trained in sound therapy, and you can continue to use the guidance on this site.
  • You will get a confirmation email about signing up, and you can get your free 1 year subscription with us by sending your email to SoundMeditation@mail.com. Once you email us your confirmation email for signing up through the link below, we will change your membership to a plan with a free, 1 year membership to use the sounds.
  • If you keep your membership with SoundTherapy.com after the free year, you will need to pay $75 for a six month membership starting at the end of the free year. You plan will renew if you don’t cancel in the account page.
  • Our service is private, and we will delete your email right away after we change your membership to the membership with a free year. We respect your privacy.

If you sign up in the link below you will need to do the following to get the free 1 year plan (you can come back to this page again later if you need to):

  1. Send us the confirmation email of your new membership with Betterhelp.com after you sign up with the link below. Please send it to SoundMeditation@mail.com. To get the free 1 year subscription with us, you will need to use the link below. BetterHelp.com tracks when people come from SoundTherapy.com, and pay us part of your costs with them to pay for the the cost of your free membership with us.
  2. If you send the confirmation email from BetterHelp.com to us within the first 30 days of signing up at SoundTherapy.com, we will refund your first payment. If you are signing up below after your first month, the free year membership will start after your current membership period with us ends.
  3. If you sign up for online counseling below during your free trial with SoundTherapy.com, we will still need enough time to personally process account changes, and so we will charge your first membership payment and then refund it.
  4. Please allow 10-20 days for any refunds from us to be returned through the banks. We hope that is ok.

Sign up here to work with a therapist online for $80/week, and get one year of SoundTherapy.com for free. The online counseling is billed at $320 for the first four weeks.


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