The Sound for Memory, Mental Flow, or Dementia & Alzheimer’s Treatment

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The sound below is used as a background sound and when you click play it will repeat. It is set up to be a background sound. You can listen to it at other times than the sounds you listen to for your needs. You can also play it for elders who would benefit. It is proven to remove memory blocking plaque that is a part of memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. There are instructions below.

If you want to not use the sound below, you can use a 40 hz light bulb from Amazon or elsewhere (please don’t play the sounds when you use the light, because they will mix their rhythms to become a different overall rhythm). To see one online example of this light that you can buy, click here.

You can put one light bulb in each room, and have it in the lamp or light closest to the person who will benefit (this helps elders keep their memory). You can put “warmer” lights in the background that add more yellow or other colors to balance things out for comfort.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Please only listen if it feels helpful and if the sound description fits your needs. When you listen, you agree to be responsible for how much you listen. You can start with 30 minute listening sessions in the first week to see how well it works for you.
  • Please only listen while sitting, or lying down in. The sounds will affect your attention. Please don’t listen while operating machinery, anything dangerous, or driving. Also, please only listen while sober.
  • The sound helps increase calm concentration and memory by reminding us of the brain rhythms inside of ourselves that are for calm concentration and memory. Because concentration wakes us up, please only listen to it within 6 hours of the usual time you wake up.
  • If you have a history of seizures, please listen to the focus sound instead. The focus sound is safe for people with seizures, and increases a brain rhythm that lowers the frequency of seizures when people increase that brain rhythm (this is proven in medical research).
  • Please use headphones when you are listening where other people can hear the sounds, unless they want to use the same sounds.


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