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On this page you will find two sections. The top one is for changing your card information, and the one below that is about cancelling your membership.

Updating Your Card Information:

If you want to update your payment information with a different card, you can click the link below:

Considering Cancelling?

On this page, there is a cancellation form below to end your membership. The changes from increasing needed rhythms in the brain take around 30 hours of mental practice to become permanent, and the results are life changing. You can read about those in the page for Various Needs before you decide. It takes practice, but the changes are deep and it becomes a lifelong skill like the way people remember how to balance a bike.

If the tones or the white noise of some sounds bother you, you can play them as a quiet background that you barely hear while watching shows or playing games. It is proven that playing video games like Tetris or other strategy games (even Angry Birds) puts the brain in a “mental flow” state like meditation, and the sounds accelerate and enhance the specific mental rhythm that helps certain needs.

If you want a less expensive option there are discounted plans in the Payment Plan page here. The cost of the discounted plan is less than what most people spend on coffee or tea per month, and the effects are more “life-long” for your health than coffee, tea, alcohol, etc. The sound meditation process becomes a lifelong awareness of how to operate your nervous system.

You can also consider sharing the cost of the site with someone else, since you can share your membership for free with family members, friends, co-workers, schoolmates, and people you help through your work. If you want to cancel, please fill out the account below. Feel free to sign up for a free trial and try it again later if you want.

Glad to Help,

Peter Meilahn, MA, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Minnesota, USA

  • Clinical Director, SoundTherapy.com
  • Teacher to Clinical Staff at The University of Minnesota Medical Center
  • Clinical Director, Minnesota Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Services (www.minnesotabiofeedback.com)
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