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Listen to backgrouennd sounds that remind the brain of brain rhythms for focus, attention or relaxation. you increase the rhythm mentally like you memorize a piace of music.
It is brain training for brain rhythms that we should all be taught in school, so we know how to change our brain behaior on purpose.
The rocess is uses in schools and hospitals around the world.
– it increases memory and memntal performance by 11% on average in adults,
——iincreased impulse control and memory in children with ADHD by 39% in resaerch
It lowers anxiety 58% more than music, and 86 % more than silence in adults before surgure.
_ it also lowers migraines and pain by 77%.
Results are felt in the first few listening sessions, and most people experience 50% of the positive results in the first few sesions. The major chnages and learning results above happen with around 8 weeks of listening two times  a week.
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