Bilateral Brain Stimulation

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This sound stimulates rapid coordination between the left and right hemispheres in the brain. It speeds up processing of information and memories. The technique is ca;;ed bilateral brain stimulation, and is used for mental fitness and health in something called BrainGym and EMDR therapy. To use it, please try it for a few minutes to see if you feel comfortable. If it feels good, then you can try it for longer. Please stop if you feel overwhelmed. Please only listen for up to an hour at a time. Less time can be good, and the longer you listen the more deeply it works. When you are using it, you can visualize the future and the past to visualize more positive outcomes.

When you balance focus and relaxation in the right amount of focus and the right amount of relaxation for you, it puts you into a healthy “flow” state that is known to heal trauma and increase creativity and performance.

You can use the sound as a background while you watch shows, play games, read, relax, or meditate.

Like the other sounds on this site, please only use it while sober. Please only use one sound at a time, and use them while sitting or lying down in a safe place. And, please only use with headphones. The users agree to take responsibility for any effects of using the sound.

Thanks, Peter Meilahn, Licensed Professional Counselor, Minnesota.


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