The Sound for 20 Minutes of Increasing Focus and Then 4 Minutes of Increasing Relaxation.

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Guide for the Sound Below:

  • This sound mixes balance attention when you increase focus and then relaxation in a good amount.
  • The relaxation sound is different from the focus sound to help you recognize the difference.
  • If you feel you need to listen to the sound again, you can do the sounds again. There is a sound mixer at the bottom of the page.
  • Use the sound below when you are sitting or lying down in a safe way.
  • Please don’t use it while driving or using anything dangerous. Please don’t use it while using recreational drugs or alcohol.


Personal Sound Mixer


Click a circle below to pick a sound. The left circles are for more relaxing, slow rhythms. The right circles are for more focusing, fast rhythms. 



Relax              Relax + Focus               Focus

O        O        O        O       O


Having too much of one side of the scale leads to feeling the below. You can listen again to rebalance:

Sluggishness                                   Obsessiveness

Feeling too open                         Feeling too rigid



Meditating Sounds